VCC is our Contact Center platform that allows massive management and deployment of personalized interactive phone calls.

It enables your company to provide the same service supplied by a human-operated contact center but includes last-generation technology to generate a higher phone call volume.
VCC is a 100% intuitive tool.
There is no need for coding knowledge to be able to set it up.
An internet connection, and you are ready to operate.

How does VCC work?

The Virtual Contact Center is so easy to set up with these simple steps:
  1. Create your account: user name and password.
  2. Enter the platform.
  3. Upload a database.
  4. Generate a script.
  5. Define variables, the number of phone calls, voice mails, phone greeting, messages to be sent. Adjust variables with voices, personalize, implement pre-recorded corporate audios.
  6. Set up the answering tree.
The platform allows you to create simple congratulation messages as well as to develop a collections script.


  • VCC is a massive-reach platform.
  • It has excellent speed for campaign execution.
  • Customizable and interactive.
  • It has voice-recognition capabilities.
  • Simultaneous contact-management.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • It lowers operation costs.
  • Available in different languages and voices.
  • Zero hardware investment required.
  • VCC manages up to 10,000 concurrent phone calls.
  • Unlimited applications.

Success Stories

  • Mexico
  • Contact Center: Atento
  • It is a financial sector customer.

VCC is applicable for:

  • Financial
  • Collections
  • Companies with the need to communicate with massive amounts of customers and users.

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