SMART CALL is an independent platform that supports the application of unified dialing rules.
It lets you record and store phone calls and apply blocked number lists.

This product allows you to set up controls banning calls to numbers you shouldn't contact due to legal restrictions or regulations.

How does SMART CALL work?

The only requirement is to direct your customer’s phone calls through our SIP Trunk. We will customize the system in our platform, and we will apply the regulations and restrictions you may need.


  • SMART CALL centralizes phone calls from the Contact Centers serving telemarketing or collection areas.
  • It applies centralized dialing rules.
  • It restricts the maximum number of phone calls a number can receive in a period.
  • It does not need any additional platform investment. SMART CALL is a service performed on a SIP Trunk.
  • It guarantees compliance with legal regulations. Avoids any potential sanctions for not abiding by the legal framework.
  • SMART CALL has phone-call recording and storage capabilities allowing Contact Centers to access easily personalized search capabilities.

Success Stories:

Banking sector company. One year ago, we implemented this service in our customer’s four Contact Centers. For this customer, complaints in social networks have been reduced by 80% approx.

Applicable for:

Financial Entities
Insurance Companies

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