It is a 100% in-the-Cloud platform.It allows total or partial phone calls recording at your contact center, office, or store.

Liz-10 is a platform that allows you to store in-the-Cloud all-call audios.
You can implement Liz-10 independently from other hired platforms.
Since it is a 100% in-the-Cloud solution, Liz-10 does not require any hardware investment on your side.
The platform has high-availability characteristics, and it allows you to set up different user profiles.

How does it work?

Liz-10 works like a phone call recording platform.  It is 100% in-the-Cloud for passive RTP captures and pay-per-consumption service from communication platforms. The platform allows you to store recordings and perform file searches using multiple criteria.


  • In-the-cloud storage.
  • High-availability.
  • High-quality and multi-format audio.
  • Zero hardware investment required.

Applicable for:

  • Financial
  • Collections
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • BPO
  • Education
  • Companies with the need to communicate with massive amounts of customers and users.

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