It is a login protocol that allows for high-quality voice communications in local and long-distance landline and mobile phone calls.

Our Elastic SIP Trunk provides coverage, flexibility, scalability, network efficiency, independent billing-invoicing process, Codecs compatibility, and phone call recording.

Our offer for high-quality voice communication plans gives our customers the possibility to save money on their monthly call plans.

Get a cost-effective solution that allows for maximum usage.

Choose any of our incoming-outgoing phone-call plans customized to your business needs, regardless of geographical location.

Combine data, voice, and video in a single channel.

Eliminate the need to split each type of data physically.

How does ELASTIC SIP TRUNK work?

We register and validate your PBX or central, enabling the trunk to make phone calls to the required destinations.


  • High-coverage capacity.
  • Low-pricing.
  • Scalability.
  • Set up time-lapse reduction.
  • Zero installation costs.
  • Single-channel voice and data transmission between your company’s IP and IPCOM guarantees permanent quality service.
  • IPCOM network services give your company the peace of mind and privacy that information management requires.

Applicable for:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Commercial
  • Collections
  • BPO
  • MKT
  • Insurance

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