Our tool allows you to have automatized conversations between a robot and a person.

You can get leads (without completing any forms), customer service, support, sales, etc. Quick answers and user support will create an excellent Customer Service Experience.

How does it work?

You request the Bot generation in our platform.
We check the communication flow and generate the conversation template.
We teach the Bot how to work.
Our platform enables us to manage and develop the Bot.


  • No enforceable contract is required.
  • ChatBots are completely customizable.
  • ChatBots allows you to reroute interactions started on Social Networks.
  • Interactions teach the Bot and make it smarter.
  • Interactions make the Bot’s answers get less artificial and more human. Your customers will not perceive they are talking to a machine.
  • Our platform controls every interaction between your customer and the Bot.
  • ChatBot allow for interaction with multiple customers at a time.
  • ChatBot allow for the examination of historical back-ups.
  • ChatBot allow you to make real-time checkups on the conversations being held.
  • If the Bot is having difficulty understanding, the system will transfer the communication to an agent (human).

Applicable for:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Education
  • Government
  • Collections
  • Retail
  • BPOs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Telemarketers

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