New SMS is our SMS platform. It has an easy-to-use / self-manageable interface.

Among many other useful applications, NEW SMS has functionalities that help the user organize its planning and program its campaigns, databases, and reports.
Since it is 100% web-based, NEW SMS is a versatile, innovative, flexible, and easy-to-use-and-implement platform.
It has connectivity APIs for interactions with external processes.
It allows for dynamic campaign setups with scheduling control, managed bots, balance control, and user profiles.

How does NewSMS work?

We start by creating your account.
With your credentials, you enter the user-friendly / easy-to-use Website.
You are ready to send individual messages and files to thousands of accounts!
You will be able to generate operational reports to assist you in evaluating your business.


  • It is a 100% web platform
  • No minimum contract requirements
  • Individual and massive transmission features
  • Setups
  • Reports
  • Options
  • APIs

Applicable for:

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Commercial
  • Collections
  • BPO
  • MKT
  • Insurance

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