At IPCOM we provide multichannel platform services supported by video, artificial intelligence, social networks, voice and text. Our services are framed in compliance with the information security requirements, both those applicable at the legal level for our type of business, as well as the contractual ones required by our clients, Strategic Allies and other interested parties.

IPCOM establishes the measures required for the training and awareness of its personnel in all aspects related to information security.

At IPCOM we protect the Information Assets, and the Image of our business against internal and external threats, in order to maintain compliance with the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability properties of the Organization’s Information.

All the considerations defined in this policy are specified and developed in regulations and procedures, whose efforts and resources are directed to the search for continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System and the effectiveness of the management of the Company’s processes.

This policy is applicable and is mandatory for all IPCOM personnel and extends to all persons and units that are directly or indirectly related.


  1. Provide guidance and support in the knowledge of the Organization in information security in accordance with the business requirements of IPCOM, to generate capacity to comply with applicable policies, laws and regulations.

  2. Manage information security risks to protect our assets against internal and external threats.

  3. Guarantee compliance with the properties of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the Information of the Organization.

  4. Continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System and efficiency of the management of the Company’s processes.